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Insurance for a day... or more!

An injury may have a bigger financial impact than you’re expecting. The average individual health insurance deductible is over $4,000. Once you add in co-payments, co-insurance, and all of the other non-medical expenses, your personal cost of an injury may leave you in a frustrating position. With protection from BUDDY, you can worry less about the cost of an injury and focus on going hard on the 50/50 balls.

BUDDY helps cover the unexpected costs of an injury. Get coverage for a day, or for a year. Even with health insurance, an accident can set you back financially. Participating in any competitive sport is risky, but with BUDDY you can be covered should the worst happen. From soccer to canyoneering... from triathlons to volleyball... from Soccer in the Pines to your weekend league,  the unexpected does happen. Make sure you’re prepared, with BUDDY!

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