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About #SoccerinthePines

Soccer in the Pines has been a part of Arizona Soccer for over 30 Years!  Originally it was played in Payson over the 4th of July weekend.
In 2010 I was asked to take over... and the name was changed from just 'the Payson Tournament' to Soccer in the Pines and to take advantage of the much cooler weather, we moved it to Memorial Weekend.
In 2016, limited field access in Payson moved us to Flagstaff where we played at NAU and on city fields.
But this is the 5th year that we're playing in Prescott Valley.
This is by far the earliest we've ever been able to open registration.
2024 Divisions: 
ELITE, OPEN, 35s, 45s, 55s, CoEd A & B, and Women's. 
The Tournament


Each Division plays a Round Robin format where Teams play 4 games for points.  The Top 2 Teams play a final for All The Glory... And BTW, the Trophy is Perpetual so we'll always remember WHAT TEAM won the Title in years past.


The Regular Team Registration is only $700, but all you need to pay to reserve your team's place in the fixture is $200. Deposit for Elite is $400, and 55s is $150.


2024 Prizes: Winners get Cash and 2nd gets a nice game ball.  Elite is playing for a CA$H prize that grows with the number of teams.


IF the division you wanted to register for is Full, you may request being put on a waitlist - no deposit required. If a team drops out, your team is in after payment.  


You can register <HERE>!


Laws of OUR Tournament

Generally, FIFA Rules apply, However...


  • NO Slide Tackles in ANY Division

  • Double Yellow Card - Out next Half

  • Red Card  - Out next game

  • Fighting - Out for Tournament

  • CoEd limited to 5 Male field players

  • 55s Div is 7 v 7, short field

  • Player ID Check on Request by Mgr

  • Team Rosters and CC&W is Mandatory!!

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Soccer in the Pines 2024!
NOW MAY 25 - 27 in Prescott Valley, AZ!


WANTED:  Free Agents & Teams! <go here>

Help AZ Children - Donate to Upward Foundation <HERE>

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PLEASE Support our Sponsors & Partners
    Promote YOUR BUSINESS to our 500+ Players and their fans!
    Some past promotions:  Host a watch party, Host a Happy Hour, Field Signage, Fliers / Coupons, Sponsor a Division / Division Trophy...  Whatever we can make work!

    >>> Learn MORE <<<
    We always break for watch parties...
    Will you be "hydrating"?
    Normally we take a break on Saturday so that everyone can go to one of our sponsor pubs to have lunch and watch some championship soccer. We will have to wait to see if there is a game in 2024.

    If you're "hydrating",
    Please be safe!

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