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When the team pays the FULL $700 ($995-Elite / $525-55s) Registration Fee, they secure a place in line to select a position in the FIXTURE that is better for their team. Considerations for selection can be tactical or related to player availability. If there is a number beside the team, they paid the full fee. No number means the team paid their deposit to secure a place in the tournament.

A Team Registration Deposit of $200 will only hold a place in the FIXTURE ($400 Elite - $150 55s).

The FIXTURE will be created after the close of registration. Once completed, team managers will be contacted to select their team's preference and place in the brackets.

IF the Division you wanted to join is Actually Full, you may WaitList your team. NOTE: Divisions can accept up to 10 teams but may only show 5 spaces. WaitListing does not guarantee you will make it into the tournament, but over the years we've turned away very few teams. If you paid a deposit on a WaitListing, and your team doesn't get into the tournament, you will get a full refund.

Men's Elite
  • Elite-A

  • Elite-B

  • Elite-C

  • Elite-D

  • Elite-E

Womens' OPEN
  • WO-A

  • WO-B

  • WO-C

  • WO-D

  • WO-E

  • 35A

  • 35B

  • 35C

  • 35D

  • 35E

CoEd Competitive
  • Real Marley Park

  • CE.C-B

  • CE.C-C

  • CE.C-D

  • CE.C-E

Men's OPEN
  • Mens-A

  • Mens-B

  • Mens-C

  • Mens-D

  • Mens-E

Womens' Rec
  • WR-A

  • WR-B

  • WR-C

  • WR-D

  • WR-E

  • 45A

  • 45B

  • 45C

  • 45D

  • 45E

CoEd Rec
  • Gucci Gang (1)

  • CE.R-B

  • CE.R-C

  • CE.R-D

  • CE.R-E

  • 55A1

  • 55B

  • 55C

  • 55D

  • 55E

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