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News & Updates
2020 Obstacles 


May 9, 2020


As you're all painfully aware, because of Covid 19 all sports has been shut down. Everyone from the MLS to youth soccer has been on an unwanted Corona Sabbatical. 


Weeks ago, the Prescott Valley Rec Department notified me that the fields would remain closed until after our scheduled tournament weekend, probably until at least June 15th, which is the current state guidance.  And this week they offered to let me cancel or move the tournament to one of the upcoming available weekends. After putting it out to the teams and on a Facebook poll, there was overwhelming support for moving to Labor Day Weekend; September 5th - 7th. The new Registration Deadline of August 9th

Any teams that previously registered that can't attend over the new dates will get a full refund.  Also, any teams having trouble moving reservations should contact EventConnect for assistance. Note: If not booked through us there may not be much they can do.

Drones at Soccer in the Pines

May 7, 2019


Last year we had an issue with someone flying a drone over the field during a championship match. It was a distraction to the players and not very safe or legal. 


PLEASE do not fly your drone at our tournament without clearing it with the tournament director. Flying over crowds of people and over a game is actually a violation of the law. You can be arrested and your drone can be confiscated.

This year, we will be shooting some drone footage with our new Mavic2 ZOOM (pictured). Using the telephoto camera, we should be able to get great footage without flying over the field or people. If you see the drone filming a game, please do not talk to the drone pilot while the drone is in the air.

Be Safe out there!

Another 2019 Sponsor & Partner


April 2, 2019


Over the last several days we've secured a partnership with a new sponsor that I'm super excited about.  Because soccer is a huge part of Brazilian culture, along with steakhouses... and I love both!


Galeto Brazilian Steakhouse is a premium all you can eat dining experience where you can get acquainted with the Culture and Cuisine of Brazil.

They call it choo-has-sco and the experience includes up to 16 types of meat... A unique meat parade for carnivores! But pace yourself because they don't have a salad bar... they have a gourmet table with 50+ offerings like; seafood, specially designed salads, imported cheeses, charcuterie meats, and more.  


On Friday, May 3rd, the night before the registration deadline, we are having a Fill The Fixture Happy Hour at Galeto. Teams will make their Fixture selections in person, by phone and text. We may even go LIVE!  It's sure to be a fantastic night! 

Please come out to support our new sponsor... And if you eat, be sure to try my favorite - FRALDINHA, the most flavorful cut of Brazilian “churrasco”. 

(Galeto Reservations)

2019 Sponsors & Partners


January 28, 2019


Every year we partner with local establishments to provide venues for our traditional "Watch Parties". As this year is our second in Prescott Valley, I suspect it will be even better.


Also for 2019, we have partnered with BUDDY, an insurance product for life's mishaps.  If you have insurance, they will give you a little extra coverage for those deductibles and CoPays.  If you don't have insurance, or not enough, how would you pay for all the costs associated with an injury? 


This is how: For $34.56 you could be covered for all three days of Soccer in the Pines. But it will also cover you between games... for a gnarly canyoneering trip in Zion, or a triathlon in San Diego.  BUDDY has you covered.

Please support all our sponsors... and if you'd like to learn more about BUDDY, go HERE.

Back Office Changes


March 22, 2019


Since I started doing the tournament, we've used PayPal for all our transaction needs. We did look at more traditional processing years ago, but it didn't make sense. I'm always looking for ways to make it better for everyone, which is how we got connected with RoomRoster and BUDDY.


This change to our processing gateway shouldn't be noticed much, if at all, by anyone registering. It may take a few weeks to convert over the merch processing too.  But it's coming.

We did add Pay By Check this year. but if you pay that way, understand that your team is not registered until the check clears.  We also still have

If you notice any quirks in the new processing, please let me know ASAP.  Thx!

2019 Registration


December 20, 2018


Last week, I paid the deposits on 5 fields in Prescott Valley, officially locking in our dates for 2019.  We are playing on Memorial Weekend, again... Yes!

In the last few years, the cost of everything has gone up... except this tournament. This year we have to bump up the fee a little to $550.


Buuuuuuuttt, For every 5 players that book their lodging using RoomRoster, I'll knock $10 off the fee. If 20 players use the service to book their rooms, the team will get $40 off the Tournament Fee (refunded just before the tournament). If enough players use it, we get courtesy rooms to entice better referees to work the tournament. However, this is not mandatory.

Soccer in the Pines 2019


December 17, 2018


We are happy about continuing our relationship with  They provide; Tournament Scheduling, Referee Assignment, Score Reporting, Team Roster Code of Conduct & Waiver and Management Support, and Lodging Assistance with Discounts. They spent the time since last May upgrading their services.


Registration will not be open until the first week of January and will close on May 4th.  You will be able to make payment on RoomRoster, the REGISTER Page, or this <> link. Or if you're having trouble, contact us to make other arrangements.


Please don't forget about the online Roster associated with your Team Page, and the Team Code of Conduct & Waiver.  Again this year it's worth 3 Tournament Points! Not having a frozen roster with 100% CC&W could keep you out of the Championship Game.

Prescott Valley Soccer Climate


January 5, 2018


The people of the area seem very welcoming and I'm excited to be playing there. Here are some things I'll bet you didn't know about the town.

The area in Yavapai County is also known as the Quad Cities area.  It's known for Cowboys, Rodeos, Roughriders, and Soccer!  Lots of Soccer!
The local college, Yavapai, has won SEVEN NATIONAL TITLES with a 29 year overall record 615-57-30!  They've been ranked in the top 10 National Poll every week since the poll was created back in 1990.  Last year they finished #3. They've been ranked #1 80 Times!
Even the Town Manager is a FIFA Referee!  How cool is that? One of last years Refs initiated the communication and now we're playing there.
Soccer in the Pines 2018


December 27, 2017


For the first time ever, I'll get the fields secured and registration open in JANUARY!


We are moving to Prescott Valley and we're back on Memorial weekend.  They were super easy to work with and I've already locked in the fields. It's a good move because a couple of months ago, I received notice that NAU was increasing prices this year. Plus, the Rec department completed their allocations so late, we had very little time between securing the date / fields and the event. This is the opposite. A great experience so far.


Registration will open the first weekend of January and close on May 4th.  You can make payment on the REGISTER Page, or this <> link, or contact us to make other arrangements.


Please don't forget about the Team Code of Conduct & Waiver, with your Roster.  Again this year it's worth 3 Tournament Points! Not having them could keep you out of the Championship Game. Last year this did hurt one team that added players late.They did have player issues, but it can't be fair to other teams to let it slide.

Flagstaff Field Conditions:


May 17, 2017


For the first time, we are using two City of Flagstaff fields. And some of the managers are wisely considering field conditions in their Fixture selection.  


The last time I asked about the conditions I was told to be patient as there was still snow on the field.  But it's gone now.  We just need a peek by someone on the ground.


Tim at lives in Flag and has gone the extra mile for us. The pictures and his experienced assessment are exactly what we all needed and can be seen HERE. If you get a chance to meet him over the tournament weekend, be sure and thank him.


It's early in the process but we're establishing a formal relationship with For starters, they'll be a sponsor of this years tournament. Beyond that, we'll just have to wait and see. 

Registration Deadline 2017


April 7, 2017


There are still spaces left in the 45s and CoEd divisions of the tournament. But the OPEN and 35s Divisions are already full.  Some of those teams even paid the full registration fee so they can select their team's position in the fixture for a more favorable schedule.


Teams that have not paid the full registration fee need to make final payment by MAY 31st so that we can pay for all the things that must be paid for before the first kickoff, like deposits and insurance.  You can make payment on the REGISTER Page or this <> link, or contact us to make other arrangements.


Please don't forget about the Team Code of Conduct & Waiver, with your Roster.  This year it's worth 3 Tournament Points! Not having them could keep you out of the Championship Game.



April 6, 2017


Most years there are complaints about teams poaching a few extra players to be more competitive in the finals. I get it... everyone wants to win.  But it's not exactly fair.


The last couple of years I have pleaded with teams to turn in a roster with their CCW.  And a few have complied.  I'd like to reward them for turning in the required paperwork.


So this year, every team that turns in the Code of Conduct & Waiver, WITH A ROSTER, will be awarded 3 Tournament Points.  Yes, it's like winning a game. And most years, the teams in 2nd and 3rd place are closer than 3 points... so if you want to be on the trophy, turn it all in.


And since we'll have your roster, IDs will be checked before kickoff of each Championship Match.  YOU NEED ID. Period.



March 27, 2017


With the move to Flagstaff last year, just as with the move to Memorial weekend a few years back, registrations dropped off a little... and it was expected.


But in 2016 the CoEd Division was easily filled.  

Since the start of CoEd there has been a HUGE difference between the top and bottom teams... way more than in the other divisions. So if there are additional CoEd teams, the division may be split into Competitive "A" and Recreational "B" divisions; or maybe CoEd OPEN and CoEd 35s, where male players would have to be at least 35 years old.  


Once the registration situation develops we'll know more.  Of course we'd love to do it, but we have to find the teams.  Some help from the other teams would be huge!  It could happen...


At this time, all divisions have space for team registrations.


Flagstaff Rec Field Allocations


March 18, 2017


Last year we could only get one field from the City of Flagstaff Rec Department, and it wasn't the best field.  This year we have TWO fields but exactly which two is still a mystery. At least we know the date is firm for the weekend of June 9-11.  We also have the 2 lower fields at NAU again too. But on Saturday we don't get access until around lunch.

Given some blocks in our field allocation where we don't have access, this year the Fixture is going to be a bear to figure out. Hopefully, we can still find time for the watch parties.


We continue to grow our relationships with these two organizations and it's paying off. This year's additional field will allow us the flexibility to add those teams and divisions that we have been working very hard to accommodate. 

NEW NAU Suites Lodging Options!


April 18, 2016


With the move to Flagstaff this year, many of the games will be played at Northern Arizona University. The new venue comes with changes for all, like Parking Passes.  Everyone needs one to park on campus, and you must get them in advance through us.


But the move to NAU comes with some great options, like lodging very close to the fields at the NAU Suites.  They are much cheaper than area hotels for most players.  But as it's on a per bed charge, families may actually save money at a hotel. You can find the price list and room descriptions in this PDF Flier.  The rooms come with bed linens and a parking pass, but don't forget your towel!


Room PACKAGES come with a meal plan (3 meals per day per night stay). But you can also get a room without the meal plan.


The last but very important detail is: It all must be reserved and paid for in advance using the PayPal PAY options on this website. To RESERVE A ROOM,  Go HERE.


If it seems a little confusing, just send us a note with a good phone number and we'll call at a time that's good for everyone.

Team & Player Openings


April 18, 2016


The tournament is several weeks away but there's still room on teams in every division. If you know a team that would be a good fit, help us contact them for a better tournament.


Teams in every divsion usually request Free Agent Players.  If you don't have a team but want to play, or if your roster has a few openings, let's get everyone hooked up!  Playing short at a tournament is no fun... and not even having a team is worse.  


or for assistance, email us at: 



Are You on Instagram?


April 16, 2016


We post all sorts of pictures on our Instagram feed. Follow azsocceralliance and we'll follow you back. You never know what you might see: my kids, my dog, some actual soccer. =)


ALSO, We're holding a little competition this year in honor of the move to  Flagstaff.  Between June 9th and 12th, share a picture with us on Instagram with the hashtag  #soccerinthepinesflagstaff and it will post to our Instagram account and the INSTAGRAM Page on this website.  At the end of the tournament, the photo with the most 'likes' will win a new game ball.  Cool, eh? 


THE CONTEST IS LIMITED TO: managers, players, their friends & families... even referees!  Just remember, any pictures that I wouldn't let a 10-year-old kid see will be taken down and will not be considered.  Also, at least 5 people need to submit images and we need at least 20 images.  So send those images!

Registrations Coming in...


April 15, 2016


With the change of venue, there have been many more questions.  But now registrations are coming in steadily... mostly just deposits, but some teams have paid in full from the start.


Now you can tell if your divison is full by looking under each Fixture Team Key. If there are five teams total, it's full... but you could be waitlisted with a deposit, just in case a team has to pull out. That deposit is fully refundable. 


UPDATE:  Check out TEAMS Page to see which Teams have Registerd for this years Tournament.  The (Letter) will indicate where they selected in the Fixture.

Tournament Sponsors Wanted!!!


April 11, 2016


Soccer in the Pines has always been a super economical Tournament for our Teams. Establishing relationships with sponsors helps with fees and prizes. This year with the move to Flagstaff, the rates increased for the first time in 4 years. But we're doing all we can to keep it economical.


Plus, soccer is social so some Pub Time has to be built in. But it's better if we don't just storm into a business unannounced. That results in frustrated staff and poor service... not fun for anyone.  So if you have a place in mind, let us know.  We'll reach out and see what can be arranged. 


We will work with Sponsors to host events, distribute coupons, drive customers to their website and maybe even offer some prizes.


Veteran Owned Business 


February 28, 2016


Did you know that AZ Soccer Alliance is a Veteran Owned Business? OK, that and $0.50 can't buy me a cup of coffee. But I am proud to have served for over 26 years.


Most of my career was in the National Guard as an Army Aviator, flying UH-1 helicopters. I even flew Medical Evacuation with the 1255th Med Co for a few years.  It was one of the most rewarding jobs I've ever worked.


As a LTC I didn't fly enough total hours to fly civilian after I retired, but I do have the FAA Comercial License. And every now and then I miss it enought to visit one of the very expensive local operators for a little stick time. 

#SitP 2015 is in the books...


June 2, 2015


This year, three new teams became champion and one became champion Again!  We had the normal beautiful weather but it was certainly warmer the second weekend.  And our Sponsor, Cardo's held a great FA Cup & Copa del Rey Watch Party.  It was all part of the plan!


We did finally get a CoEd Division into the tournament but fell short with a 55s 7v7 Division.   We're hoping to build on our success and add the 55s next year along with a Women's Division.  With SIX Divisions (!!!), we'll have lots of options to get in your soccer fix.  There's even a new trophy with room to record lots more winners of Soccer in the Pines.

Please send your 2016 tournament requests to: 


We'll see you next year!

Variety is the Spice of Tournaments!


March 3, 2015


For many Teams and their Players, playing the same teams season after season gets old. To keep it fresh Tournaments offer the solution. They offer the variety of teams from other leagues, cities or even other states.  That is exactly what Soccer in the Pines is offering.

Traditionally the Tournament hosted teams only from Scottsdale.  But now we have teams registering from leagues all over the valley and the state.  We're also working hard to find teams from neighboring states. The calls are coming in. We just need the registrations. 
Help us Help you!  Talk about Soccer in the Pines with anyone that might have the slightest interest as you never know how far it will go.


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