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The 2024 FIXTURE is being hosted by our back-end provider, EventConnect on their site.  It will be live and teams will be placed into the brackets once registration is closed.

CURRENT FIXTURE STATUS:  LIVE!  The schedule is up!

The brackets are built with place holders so that we can produce a schedule.  Once registration closes and all teams are paid, team managers are able to select one of the positions to "choose" which schedule they want within their division bracket. The teams that paid the full fee first get to choose a schedule first.

When you are looking at the schedule, the left side is the game times, the right side is the field/venue. And the middle displays the space holders (ex: OPEN B vs OPEN E). As teams choose, the names are replaced with the actual team names. And that schedule becomes active within the app for all players on the team.

If you are viewing on a Cell Phone, try using the EventConnect App or connect directly to the site using your browser and this <LINK>

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